It was established about 36 years ago for functioning as buyer’s agent for hides and skins with the main object to promote the leather business relation between the foreign buyers and sellers in the leather sector of Bangladesh. With the untiring efforts of Sheikh Mostafa Ahmad, Chief Executive Office, CEO respectively Leather Export Company, LECO, inherited this business from their ancestors earned good reputation and goodwill from both the buyers and the sellers and expanded to its present infrastructure comprising experienced and dedicated personnel from Leather Trade.

For the greater interest of both the buyers from abroad and sellers at home Leather Export Company, LECO, stress priority on determining the competitive prices while concluding purchase / sale contract and also on the quality of the goods as per contracted specification and timely shipment.

Leather Export Company, LECO, at present is working for and thus rendering good services to the buyers of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Vietnam, Portugal, Greece, Japan, India as their agent in buying hides and skins from Bangladesh market. It invites interested buyers to kindly visit and see its infrastructure particularly system of inspection measurement, packing & delivery. which is treated as lifeblood of this organization.

It also solicits from the buyers their valued suggestions pertaining to further improvement of leather business and the same will be accepted if found workable for the common interest of both sellers and buyers particularly.